Icon of the Nativity


“At one point, children from Moresby primary clumsily erect an igloo-shaped tent (“no room at the inn”) while Years 5 and 6 from Lowca Primary entertain with funky dancing, bringing characters from their Playstations alive. Later, Tracey Cadman, the opera singer who accompanies the car horns, sings a lament while a parent changes a nappy. A second lament is echoed by the sweet, breathy voice of nine-year-old Bransty pupil Simone Roche, while her peers swaddle themselves in layers of jumble sale rejects and cradle “babies” made from rolled-up rags. In the middle of this intense 30-minute opera, the curtains close and pupils make toast and popcorn at the back of the auditorium while the audience listens to recordings of children talking about journeys they have made. One girl recalls being sick over a woman’s white trainers during a trip to Disneyland Paris. The piece ends with “Quando Piangi Tu” (When You Cry), a Puccini-esque aria sung by Cadman with pupils, teachers and parents.” (Elaine Williams, TES)