performer/movement director: Paula Turner
voice: Wendy Smith
voice/accordion: Simon Tarrant
lighting: Jason Hares
double bass 1: Vera Jovanovic
double bass 2: Duncan Brown
double bass 3: David Abbott
bass clarinet/clarinet: Jennifer Murray
piano/sampler: David Murray
violin: Anna Kerr

It’s not surprising that an opera entitled Creation might use for its stage an area of ‘real’ ground. Associations with ‘earth’, ‘nature’, ‘ecology’ etc. are invoked with an immediacy not attainable by means of even the most convincing of stage sets. Dramatically, KOPCO’s approach privileges the particular, the thisness of the present location. The adoption of this tactic risks masking a more radical possibility, however, one proffered in the unique ‘here-and-now’ of music and sound-led performance. No longer merely a ‘location’, this unremarkable 70 x 30ft bit of the created world located within the bounds or the Earth Balance Envitronmental Centre in Northumberland, adjoining the access road, a stone’s throw from the A1147, opposite the houses, becomes, temporarily, a place…a place defined uniquely by these people and this ground, caught in the act of something called Creation.

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