Founded in 1996 by composer John Kefala Kerr, KOPCO is a contemporary music theatre ensemble creating new work about the here and now.  The company pursues work whose form, content and process of creation examines the nature of ‘the everyday’.

KOPCO has made many original pieces of work of varying scale in the UK and abroad—from marquee performances to karaoke operas, radiogenic broadcasts to library installations, bus shelter performances to cathedral takeovers. Productions have involved collaborations with philosophers, scientists, hairdressers, children, magicians, animals, opera singers and countless others. Inanimate objects are often performers in KOPCO productions (flatpack furniture, model railways, cardboard boxes, gravel, inflatable paddling pools and bars of soap have all featured in past shows). KOPCO’s work is underpinned by multidisciplinary research and an interest in combining ‘the live’ and the technologically-mediated. We often bring together professional performers and people who have never performed before, drawing on their specific qualities and nuances as individuals. KOPCO’s output seeks to challenge the assumed ordinariness of the mundane, deploying a unique music and sound-led dramaturgy that seeks to momentarily reconfigure the experience of everyday life.


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